Welcome to the Virtual Training Center

Welcome to Principia’s Virtual Training Center. We created this site to help you leverage every aspect of your subscription. Below you will find training manuals and videos, information about Morningstar’s methodology, and opportunities to partake in both live and online learning sessions. To learn more about how to use these resources, watch this video.
Get the most out of your subscription with our online courses. The courses are led by expert instructors via conference call, and allow you to view the training presentation from your computer. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the training event and a conference call phone number.
Users can access a series of pre-recorded training videos describing, in detail, the features and functionality of Principia. These short videos (5-10 minutes) teach you how to accomplish basic tasks to increase your efficiency using Principia. Users can view the videos on their own time and at their own pace for the most flexibility.
Onsite seminars are held in Chicago and periodically at other cities throughout the country. The classes combine instructor-led demonstrations with hands-on exercises that give you the most "bang for your buck" and provide everything you need to use Principia's most powerful features.
View replays of online training seminars and Analyst Series presentations at your convenience from our library of recorded webinars. You can also download the related User’s Guide and meeting notes associated with the recording.
Here you can access user guides and Analyst Series presentation materials. The PDF files are downloadable, and can be saved to your computer to be viewed on screen or printed to hard copy.
Use this section to view methodology documentation related to Principia.
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